About us

About Horizons HR Services

We understand the unique concerns of our clients in order to utilize the most effective and results-oriented methods. With this approach, we’ve become a trusted workforce solutions provider for both large government agencies and global companies in the U.S and Canada.

We’re precise in our processes, but inspired in our approach. We are also committed to providing value—and most importantly—results, to our clients and candidates.

With high unemployment, social media sites, and numerous job boards; candidates are everywhere. Recruiters are overwhelmed. They will find candidates…but are they the right ones? What tools do recruiters have to help identify the best fit? Certainly a 30 minute interview and a simple skill test are not enough.

We have designed a best in class selection process using our Assessment Suite and IQ tools which when joined with our proprietary candidate database give our recruiters the tools to make an informed decision. We match, not just search for candidates.